Are you an industry expert? Do you have something to say? Applications for panelists, keynotes, and moderators for the Avantpay|21 Conference are now BACK OPEN! Join other public and private sector experts as they discuss payments, banking, and compliance in the cannabis industry.

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More and more financial institutions are working with the cannabis industry, yet there are considerations on both sides of the partnership that need to be evaluated. Discussion of why these institutions are taking the risk, how they are doing it, and what companies need to know prior to entering into a banking relationship.



What options are available right now when it comes to accepting payments, and providing payments for cannabis and cannabis-related businesses? Cash, debit apps, cards, cryptocurrency? Are banks integrating with these solutions, and how? What risks are associated? What are the added compliance difficulties? All of these questions will be answered and more.



Whether it is complying with federal agencies, state regulations, local rules or banking requirements, compliance is pivotal to survival in the cannabis industry. See what innovative companies and tools are available to help stay compliant.


Emerging Technologies

Discover the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, and automation. These emerging technologies could help companies become more efficient, increase production and delivery of goods and services. For regulators and compliance experts, these technologies could assist in locating and identifying fraud more efficiently. See how these technologies can help!


Policy & Legislation

Rescheduling, descheduling, MORE Act, SAFE Banking Act, and others are just some of the legislative considerations and bills being discussed in Congress now. Stay up to date on federal, state, and local legislation that comprise a multitude of laws that cannabis and cannabis-related businesses need to follow.



IRS, FinCEN, OCC, FDIC, NCUA, Fed. Reserve, CFTC, and more! These regulatory bodies, along with state and local rules and regulations, can keep one busy. Learn the regulatory requirements in order to comply.



Investing & Funding

Private equity, venture capital, angel investors, loans and debt financing are just some of the ways to fund cannabis or cannabis-related businesses. Get ready for a deep dive into these financing options and more!




Banks and bank partners prefer to work with insured companies. Find out who is insuring, how they do it, and why one should shift liability from a company to an insurance company.


Seed to Sale Data Tracking

Almost all states, some local counties, and even some financial institutions require some form of seed to sale tracking and/or inventory management system for cannabis companies. Find out who has developed these systems, how they work into a compliance plan, and how they integrate into a company’s current technologies.



Find out the unique cyber vulnerabilities and considerations in cannabis and what the emerging best practices, technologies, and processes are to protect a company.



Accounting & Taxes

Bookkeeping and accounting, recent tax court decisions, IRS form 8300, and IRC 280e are just some of the tax issues, implications and obligations to consider in the cannabis industry. Understand these tax issues and learn how to deal with them to optimize a business.


Growing a Team & HR

Hiring and retaining talent, diversity, leadership development, and training. HR plays a key role in successful companies today. Stay up to date with the latest laws and innovations to keep a company running at optimum.