Angela Lucas

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Sterling Compliance

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Angela Lucas is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Sterling Compliance, LLC, an independent compliance and risk management consulting firm based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Prior to launching Sterling Compliance, Angela was an examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, specializing in consumer compliance and commercial credit. Several years and examinations later, Angela expanded her skill set within the Investment Advisory Monitoring and Testing Group at Federated Investors, Inc., focusing on compliance testing and advisory services as a critical link between trading floor portfolio managers and the compliance function. With a strong knowledge of regulatory compliance, risk management and investment advisory services, Angela has established her reputation as a leading resource with the community bank consulting industry. After several years of dedicated, client-centric consulting service, Angela partnered with a long-time colleague to form Sterling to further the vision they shared for bringing a balanced perspective to their clients for practical approaches to regulatory compliance with battle-tested, effective results. Angela and her team at Sterling have been on the forefront of developing tools and education for banks and credit unions seeking to manage the risk associated with marijuana-related businesses in the current regulatory environment.

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