Brittany Radice

Compliance Officer at Green Bits, Inc

Compliance Officer

Brittany Radice is the Compliance Officer at Green Bits, Inc., a retail management and point-of-sale platform that helps legal cannabis retailers grow their business. A seasoned regulatory compliance attorney, Brittany is immersed in the cannabis compliance world, juggling the delicate state-by-state rules pertaining to dispensaries while also advocating for federal policy alignment. Prior to joining Green Bits, Brittany served in various FinTech compliance functions, including payment partnerships with acquiring banks, Visa, and MasterCard. During her time at Square, she was responsible for business lending compliance, AML programs, and advising business lines on new product development. Brittany is passionate about navigating high risk industries and providing solutions at the intersection of public policy and technology.

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Are you my regulator?

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The regulatory landscape is marked by new entrants, with more and more federal and state agencies enacting provisions, regulations, and oversight mechanisms. What are some practical strategies for keeping up with the changes? How can companies and regulators work together to ensure effective regulation?