Dennis Hild

Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs at Neocova

Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs

Dennis Hild is Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs at Neocova, a financial technology firm headquartered in St. Louis with operations in New York. With over 25 years of experience working with financial institution regulatory policy, Dennis serves as a direct liaison with the federal banking regulators and closely monitors updates to regulatory guidance and evaluates the impact on financial institutions.

Prior to Neocova, Dennis was Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs with Crowe’s Financial Services Risk Consulting practice based in Washington DC. In addition, Dennis spent nearly fifteen years with the Federal Reserve serving as a Commissioned Safety and Soundness Examiner and Supervisory Policy Analyst where he developed an advanced knowledge of regulatory policy, regulatory capital structure and bank governance and internal audit practices.

Mr. Hild holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Temple University and an MBA from The George Washington University.

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