Doug Distaso

Executive Director of Veterans Cannabis Project

Executive Director

Doug Distaso became the Executive Director of the Veterans Cannabis Project in 2019. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and went on to serve more than 21 years in the U.S. Air Force. From 2000-2015, Doug commanded joint aviation, maintenance, and support personnel globally and served as a primary legislative affairs lead for two USSOCOM commanders. This operational focus allowed successes in counter-terrorism hotspots from Europe to the Pacific. During his military service, Doug was in a plane accident that left him with a broken body and traumatic brain injury.

After coping with the demands of military life in the field and at the Pentagon and suffering from sustained chronic pain and PTSD, he left the military addicted to pain killers. With the help of his wife, Whitney, Doug was able to eliminate the opiates and other pain killers that were damaging his relationships and rely instead upon the medical benefits of cannabis to safely manage his chronic pain and PTSD. Having experienced the plight that millions of veterans face daily in the United States, Doug has dedicated his post-military life to ensuring a better future for veterans in our country. Within his role as Veterans Cannabis Project Executive Director, he works every day to increase veterans access to safe medical cannabis.

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