Joshua Sanderlin

General Counsel at Hashstoria

General Counsel

Joshua Sanderlin is an attorney and government affairs expert with over 15 years of experience in regulatory law and public policy. He has worked in both state and federal government and has extensive experience advocating for clients before all three branches of the federal government. Throughout his career, Joshua has represented clients including Fortune 100 companies, major U.S. municipalities, and foreign governments. His work on behalf of clients has exposed him to many complex issues that, like cannabis, go to the very heart of American federalism. He has also served as counsel to cannabis companies and start-ups facing varied challenges related to licensing, finance, and corporate governance. As part of his commitment to driving the cannabis industry forward, Joshua has been an active member of the Congressional Cannabis Working Group and the International Cannabis Bar Association and has addressed evolving issues of cannabis policy at law schools and industry conferences. He has been quoted in major publications such as the Washington Post, Washington Examiner, and Chicago Tribute. Joshua completed his B.A. at Jacksonville University, M.P.A. at Florida State University, and J.D. at the Catholic University of America.

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To comply, or not comply? It’s not even a question!

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Compliance is key to making sure your “ship does not sink” in the ever changing legal waters of the cannabis industry. Hear from professionals on how they stay compliant and assist businesses with the same.