Kelley O’Connell

Co-Founder of Pink Fox


Kelley O’Connell, Co-founder of Pink Fox, a lifestyle brand established in Washington, D.C. with the belief that cannabis consumption should be accessible and attainable for all adults in a legal and safe environment. In 1994, Kelley moved to D.C. from Colorado for a job on Capitol Hill. 4 years on Capitol Hill, 4 years in IT, and 15 years in the motion picture industry all lead to the creation of Pink Fox. Created with a co-workers from the motion picture industry, Pink Fox has set out to provide consumers with high-quality, attractive D.C. centric apparel and accessories.

My Sessions

Card payments in the cannabis space

Diplomat Room

Let’s take a 30,000 foot view of the cannabis payments landscape. What is the legislative and regulatory landscape of cannabis payments right now? Are card payments, ACH, and more available to merchants?