Kirsten Trusko

CEO & Co-Founder of Emerging Markets Coalition

CEO & Co-Founder

Kirsten is a payments industry veteran, with serial successes in electronifying cash and check heavy industries.

She is co-founder and CEO of the new Emerging Markets Coalition – a new 501c6. EMC is focused on cannabis banking and payments, driving collaboration across banking and legal cannabis businesses to electronify all financial transactions – making them transparent, secure, and compliant.

EMC educates and advocates on the Hill, in media, with law enforcement, trade associations and civic organizations – pushing for the strongest prudent cannabis banking legislation and regulation – eliminating cash to stem money laundering, terrorist finance and human trafficking. Membership includes businesses across the financial services and cannabis ecosystem who pay or receive money and agree to follow the best practices for the gold standard in banking and payments regulatory compliance.

My Sessions

Addressing the cannabis payments challenges

Federal B

How are companies solving the payments challenges facing the cannabis industry without sacrificing compliance or user convenience? How are merchants big and small choosing payments solutions and POS systems? How are banks interfacing with the payments providers?