Leonard Lyons

Founder & CEO of TrichomePay

Founder & CEO

Leonard H. Lyons is the founder and CEO of TrichomePay. TrichomePay is a closed loop financial ecosystem designed for the purpose of transfer of tax payments, industry and personal data collection, tracking of sales and purchasers, ensuring proper (CTR, SAR, etc.) reporting, risk management for financial institutions, and generally as an intermediary among the Federal and State governments, financial institutions, and the Cannabis Industry. TrichomePay will take the cash out of the Cannabis Industry increasing the safety of the industry and its participants, ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering and bank secrecy statutes, risk management and providing an electronic method to pay taxes.

Mr. Lyons was a partner and general counsel of The Pun Group, a California based certified public accounting firm. Len was the director of the firm’s advisory practice. He has acted as an expert witness on behalf of attorneys involved in various litigation matters including: breach of contract, stockholder/partner disputes, profit participation disputes, projection of lost profits, diminished goodwill, business interruption, forensic accounting, bankruptcy fraud, white collar crime, and intellectual property. Len has been involved in a number of high-profile decisions involving billions of dollars.

Prior to the Pun Group, Mr. Lyons served as an officer, director, or principal for Valuation, Litigation Support and Forensic Services for regional and national CPA and litigation consulting firms. Mr. Lyons was the Director of Legal Affairs and Business Development for Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc. At Daylight, Len drafted global software licensing agreements with multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, assisted in the launching of the first Oracle plug in chemistry cartridge, managed the firms patent portfolio and filings, and managed routine business development and legal affairs duties.

From 1990 – 1998, Mr. Lyons served as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Director of Investigations for the Western United States and as Manager of Special Investigations for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). Len was responsible for providing a lead role in several high-profile international investigations, global settlements with two of the Big 6 Accounting firms, settlements with two major NYSE investment banks. His work lead to combined recoveries in excess of $1.8 billion. Len developed the fraud, asset search and recovery section for the RTC. He was part of the interagency taskforce that revamped the Suspicious Activity Report in the early 1990’s. Len developed the RTC’s national settlement policy for D&O and fidelity bond claims.

From 1983 – 1990, Mr. Lyons worked for Ferris, Baker Watts, Inc., the oldest Washington, DC based NYSE investment bank. Len was an officer, principal, and director for direct investment private equities and public corporate finance underwritings relating to real estate, equipment leasing, oil and gas, and leveraged buyouts.

Juris Doctor, American University, Washington College of Law
Master of Business Administration, Finance, George Washington
University Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania

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