Linda Greene

CEO of The Linda Greene Group & Anacostia Organics


Linda Mercado Greene is a nationally and internationally established public relations consultant, strategist, and entrepreneur. Celebrated for her uniqueness, creativity, detailed messaging, planning, she is recognized for her ability to bring together various people and businesses from around the world together for a particular cause.

Linda is also the Co-Founder, Chair of the Board, and CEO of BCG Holdings, Inc. (a DSLBD CBE corporation), in Washington, DC. The company actively focuses on the emerging cannabis industry and is active in several national cannabis organizations. Considered a Washington insider, Linda has been very influential in shaping the cannabis industry in Washington, DC and on Capitol Hill working both sides of Congress. She is the Chair of the Board of the DC Medical Cannabis Trade Association, serves on the Board of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, organizing MCBA’s first Congressional Black Caucus Lobby Day, serves on the Steering Committee of the National Cannabis Festival, and is a member of other national cannabis organizations. Additionally, she is a member of the Executive Leadership Team of The Cannabis Trade Federation.

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