Matt Walton

Founder & CEO at yorcue

Founder & CEO

As a product strategist, designer and technologist, Matt has spent his career inspiring teams to create products and experiences that transform industries.

Prior to founding yorcue, Matt was the Chief Design Officer of Artificial and Adaptive Intelligence at Oracle. Matt created and drove the product strategy, design and architecture of Oracle’s AI & Blockchain offerings; redefining how businesses & users will interact with highly cognitive and intelligent systems.

Matt’s unique experience has encompassed illustration, animation, toy design, game design, application design, engineering. He has created and deployed over 300 digital products within entertainment, retail, healthcare, military, commerce, social, business intelligence, and logistics, and machine learning/AI, as well as working within a broad set of hardware capabilities such as cloud, mobility, surface, and appliance computing environments. He holds multiple patents within predictive analytics and machine learning. Matt continues to be a sought after speaker and expert and go-to design strategist and futurist for Fortune 50-500 C-Level executives, driving how data-driven products, services, and technologies will transform/disrupt industries.

In 2018, Matt was recognized by Reuters, as one of the global top 20 thought leaders in AI.

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Highs and lows of artificial intelligence applications

Hampton Room

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming nearly every industry. Hear from practitioners on how they are deploying AI to optimize their business, meet regulatory demands, and stay ahead of the competition.

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