Megan King

Sales Executive at toptender

Sales Executive

Megan has worked in the technology sector of the cannabis industry for 3 years. She specializes in technology that provides customer/patient acquisition, retention and education. Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Megan helped run a breast cancer non-profit in Washington, D.C. and worked with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America; She now focuses and leads technology sales efforts across medical cannabis markets.

She most recently worked at Baker Technologies, where she helped to grow market share and exit the company after they went public. Megan is currently a Sales Executive with toptender, a start up focused on connecting cannabis brands and retailers through their sales training platform.

My Sessions

Card payments in the cannabis space

Diplomat Room

Let’s take a 30,000 foot view of the cannabis payments landscape. What is the legislative and regulatory landscape of cannabis payments right now? Are card payments, ACH, and more available to merchants?