Michelle Sullivan

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Dama Financial

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Michelle Sullivan is the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer of Dama Financial, with offices in San Francisco, Kansas City, and Austin. Michelle is a strategic business executive with over 25 years of a proven track record of developing and executing organizational vision. Her leadership in comprehensive enterprise risk and compliance has led to highly successful regulatory outcomes.

Michelle’s previous leadership roles in the banking industry have led to reshaping Risk Operations & Compliance from policies/procedures to technology innovation. Michelle’s expertise includes regulatory compliance, banking compliance, regulatory filings, third party risk management, product development, and operational risk management.

Previous to joining Dama Financial, Michelle has held roles such as SVP, Director of Corporate Risk Operations and SVP, Director of Corporate Fiduciary Compliance. In addition, Michelle has extensive experience in Policy Management, CPM Controls, Loss Reporting, and Corporate Insurance Programs.

Michelle is a thought leader in developing strategy, products and compliance programs using practical, innovative tools and integrated approaches to detect and prevent potential wrongdoing.

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