Olayinka Odeniran

Co-Founder of Black Women Blockchain Council


Cybersecurity, compliance, education and creativity is what Olayinka Odeniran brings to the blockchain space. Olayinka is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who advises small to mid-size firms and startups on implementing the appropriate cybersecurity measures. As the founder and chairman of Black Women Blockchain Council (BWBC) she’s leading the charge to promote, support and educate black women and girls in the space. Olayinka has over 16 years of experience in regulatory compliance, master’s degree in cybersecurity and recently passed the CISM exam. Olayinka’s open to creating any lasting partnership to help secure your blockchain and fintech projects.

My Sessions

Cyber criminals know how to profit, too

Hampton Room

It’s not only talented entrepreneurs who are drawn to fast growing industries–so are cybercriminals. What are the unique vulnerabilities and considerations? What are the emerging best practices, technologies and processes?

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