Roger Obando

Cannabis/Tech Entrepreneur, Author of The Highest Common Denominator

Cannabis/Tech Entrepreneur, Author

Roger Obando is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software development, advisory and consulting in both the enterprise and start-up world. His most recent venture Baker Technologies, a software platform focused exclusively on helping companies in the cannabis industry build and retain relationships with their customers, was merged into TILT Holdings in late 2018 in a large scale, multi-national merger/acquisition deal, leading to his successful exit.

Prior to this, Roger spent years working with large established interactive agencies, including almost a decade working with companies including Sony, BMW, JP Morgan and Disney. He made the decision in early 2004 to enter the product space, consulting with start-up companies, transitioning to senior technology positions at Mobile Roadie and later founding Kamino Labs. He has degrees In Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University.

Since his successful exit from Baker Technologies, Roger has leveraged his platform to launch a social initiative, that seeks to align persons of color, like himself, to represent and help disproportionately affected communities benefit from the green rush that is cannabis legalization. His first endeavor in this initiative was to publish The Highest Common Denominator: Elevating Your Base Self (October 2019). In his first book, Roger speaks to the issues present on both sides of the fence of the Social Equity debate – from his roots as a recipient of such programs, to today, when he is working to represent programs for the underserved. Roger believes that an honest and actionable conversation about how all parties can help move the needle towards equality of opportunity is crucial in catalyzing change.

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