Samantha Campbell

CEO of Alqami


Samantha Campbell is a founding team member joining Alqami in 2018 as Director of Operations before becoming CEO. She leads the team with a passion to help businesses recognize the importance and value of data. As a Director, Campbell was responsible for the business growth of Alqami, organizing and overseeing the daily operations. She ensured that the business was well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coordinating the specialist partners, advisers and business development teams in London and across the U.S. Prior to launching Alqami, Campbell held various traditional finance roles including three years as a treasury accountant for a mid-tier mining company, trading FX and managing the Australian business cashflow. She also served as business development for a fixed Income broker working with a wide range of wholesale and institutional clients. She also served as a research associate in the Wholesale Client Coverage team for UBS Asset Management (Australia), responsible for coordinating the research due diligence and data requirements for the Ratings, Consulting and National Account clients.

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