Thiru Vignarajah

Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore

Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore

Thiru Vignarajah previously served as Deputy Attorney General of Maryland and is currently a Democratic candidate for Mayor of Baltimore. The son of Baltimore City public school teachers and product of public schools himself, Thiru attended Yale University and Harvard Law School, where he was President of the Harvard Law Review. Thiru has worked at McKinsey & Co. and after law school clerked for Justice Stephen Breyer on the United States Supreme Court. Thiru also served as a federal prosecutor in Maryland and then as Chief of Major Investigations in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. When Thiru was named Deputy Attorney General, Baltimore’s police commissioner called him a “once-in-a-generation lawyer and leader.” Thiru has also taught constitutional law and crime policy at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Law School, where he has repeatedly received the award for outstanding professor of the year. Thiru has garnered local and national attention for proposing that Baltimore City become the first city in America to authorize and tax the sale of marijuana without waiting for federal or state legalization.

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